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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tomato and Other Garden Updates

I had to turn my to-do list into two lists - one for today and one for tomorrow.

My today list, just became today and tomorrow lists:


Today's list:
-can tomato sauce - Reducing on the stove

-wash and dry dishes and put them away - Done
-pick, blanch and freeze Swiss chard - Done
-cut fresh basil to dry - Done
-cut fresh oregano to dry - Done
-freeze green peppers- Done
-make fridge salsa - Done
-wash, dry and put away more dishes - Done
-pick tomatoes - Done
-put laundry on the line - Done
-write farmgirl penpal
-create template for sales receipts - Done
-some where in there, make dinner


-ship craft store order (my first order - YAY!)
-library returns and pickups
-can pear jam 
-can zucchini relish - if there is time

Without a list today, I would have forgotten to put the last load of towels on the clothesline.  Phew!  Normally, I don't use a list.  I just go with the garden flow - what's ripe gets processed, canned, picked, frozen.

It's about 86 degrees in the kitchen right now.  I had hoped to get as much of the canning done early, but it's the reducing of the sauce that takes more time.

I better get back to work.  I have a lot more to get done today, and it's almost time for school to be out.

It's hard work, but worth it.  The way I see it, why grow a garden and not utilize it?  I don't want to waste anything. Not after going through all the work to grow it.  Four trips to the compost and to the goats today also - Orion loves those leftovers (green pepper tops, tomatoes, Swiss chard stems etc.)


Candy C. said...

Yes, it is totally worth it! I agree, I hate to waste anything from the garden after all the hard work growing it!

The 3 Foragers said...

Very nice accomplishments. I read recently a quote saying that if you want to live off your garden you will have to live in your garden.

cozythyme said...

Hi, how do you freeze your swiss chard and then how do you use it after it is frozen? Thanks! Just found your blog recently. Nancy

nancypo said...

I'll be starting my apples tomorrow with the same processor, a roma? Looks yummalicious!

Kristina said...

I blanch the leaves (cut away from the stalk) in boiling water, with the lid on, for 2 minutes (3 minutes for collards). I then immediately put them in a bowl with ice and water. Drain and pack in freezer bags. To use it, thaw and boil for about 3 mintues (dump the leave sin after the water has come to a boil (no lid). Drain in a strainer and press out water. Add to any recipe that uses spinach or other greens. Even soups etc.

Kristina said...

Yes, it's a roma sauce maker. I plan on using that for many things. I'm so glad I bought one.

cozythyme said...

Thanks for the clear directions. Now I must do it! Nancy