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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Record Attendance ~ Spending Labor Day at the Zoo

I tried telling my husband that it's not a good idea to visit the zoo on a holiday.  

"No way, everyone will be having cook-outs and family parties.  No one will be at the zoo," he said.

We went and we are very tire people today.   When we took the shuttle back to our parking location, the driver gave us some information.  He told us that the zoo had the highest attendance ever - over 8500 people (according to him at the time) and they closed admission for a while, turning 100-150 cars away (no parking spaces available).
Meet Tuli and her Mom

 Meet Lucas and his Mom

Guess what I did?  I touched this Eastern Fox snake!  I hate snakes.  This one doesn't bite, so all but one of the kids got to pet this.  

The daughter that did not pet it, was out taking pictures.  Check her blog of many other zoo pictures:  Life as A Teen Farmgirl.

More pictures of our first zoo trip (in over 6 years):


Candy C. said...

Looks like fun! I'm always amazed that snakes are NOT cold and slimy! :)

Yart said...

Its funny I'm looking at your pictures and I'm like hey I know that zoo. LOL! We go there all the time. Have you ever been there for the Christmas lights? They are wonderful!

Kristina said...

Yes we have seen the Christmas lights before. I hope we can go this year. It's been many years.

Kim said...

Okay, now you got us all interested in this zoo with christmas lights. Where is it?

Kristina said...

It's an event where they decorate the entire zoo with Christmas lights, prior to Christmas. Here is the link to see a few photos of previous years: