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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, September 9, 2011

Making the Most of Swiss Chard ~ Breaking Down Cost of Zoo Membership

The other day I used the stalks of my Swiss chard, in place of celery to roast chickens. I cut the leaves off, and sliced them thinly.

I am using the sliced leaves in place of lettuce (we did not plant fall lettuce), on our bean burritos.  The remainder, can be added to my egg dishes.

Aside from freezing it, these are a few more ways to utilize Swiss chard, and make the most of what you grow.

We were talking the other day about the cost of a family zoo membership, for our area.  It's currently $71.00.  About 7 years about it was close to $40.00.  I checked the admission prices and cost of parking (it's free with the membership), and tallied our cost without the membership - $58.00 (two kids did not go).  If the other two had gone - $80.00.  I think we need to take a few more trips to get the most of our membership.  With the size of our family, it's about the only frugal day trips we can take (other than camping).

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Candy C. said...

I love Swiss chard! Thanks for the tips for using the stalks. Until I grew it for the Farmer's Market I had never even TASTED it! LOL!!