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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tiger Gets A Treat, Another Crazy Busy Day, & School Starting

Last night, some very naughty teens were not getting to bed.  During that time, a very tiny cricket had made it's way into my bathroom, and was singing in a magnified chirp.  It was loud.  It was also, along with the kids, keeping me from getting sleep.

After a trip to the front room, and another scolding, I returned to my bedroom.  There at floor of the master bathroom door was Tiger.  Tiger is my youngest daughter's orange tiger cat.  
He had captured that noisy critter, and silenced it.  This may sound harsh, but all I could think, was "good kitty."  I never heard that cricket again.  It was tiny too.  Only about 1/2 inch long or so.  But he/she could sure make noise.  Tiger is getting extra treats today.

This is what I woke up to this morning.  Although I had the stinkin' urge to take my "sick" bell, and ring it loudly this morning (all over the house), I got side tracked.  The trash was not put out.  Hmph.  So....outside I went.

I have not had my morning coffee or Devotions on my porch for a while now.  The garden is keeping me very very busy. 

I put the trash out and went straight for the porch.  There I read my morning devotions, sipping hot coffee and swatting mosquitoes.

Every once in a while, the sun would show itself.  It sure felt good to take a moment to spend time with God.  

As for the "crazy" part of today, one daughter gets a tetanus shot, one goes to the dentist, and my bathroom needs a super cleaning.  In between all that running, laundry, and housework, I need to shred zucchini for the freezer, and make more salsa.  I put it off yesterday, since I made more zucchini pancakes (which we topped with my homemade blueberry syrup- yum!).  Trips to town are about 50 minutes round trip, so you can see my stress on time limits.

The kids are already "stressing" about school starting.  I heard my 9 year-old kissing her cat and telling him she will miss him every day.  Another one was talking about the bus rides, if they will get upper or lower lockers, what teachers they will get and so forth.  They are now asking for an all-nighter to finish off the last days of "freedom."  I will have to think on that.

Speaking of vegetables in our pancakes, I am going to be working on creating a Tomato Pancake.  I found a few recipes on-line, but they don't have good reviews.  Somewhere in my schedule, I will be working on that too.

Note:  The "sick" bell I have, is a wooden handled bell, somewhat of what a teacher would have on her desk (back in the day).  I give it to my kids when they are sick, so they can ring it when they need me, if I am in another room.


Candy C. said...

Love the picture of the sun peeking through! Glad you took some time to sit on the porch this morning!

nancypo said...

My Aussie dog catches flies! And you need a "day off". Can you drop off the kids somewhere, and go to a movie, or? Sounds like you need a break :)