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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Herbs, Weeds, and Garden/Organic Dinner

I had to quit in the garden early today - bad headache.  I did manage to pick all the ripe tomatoes, a whatever else was ripe.  I noticed some very large melons out there too.

My 12 year-old daughter helped me weed one section of an herb garden that was badly over run with thistle.  We filled the cart with weeds.

I spent most of the day with herbs.  I had dried rosemary, dill seed, and lemon verbena, so the kids helped put that in jars.  I cut more thyme and oregano to dry.  I also brought in parsley seeds.  

Dinner is an all garden/organic dinner tonight.  I am pan frying one kohlrabi, along with a lot of red potatoes, then adding onion, green pepper and a handful of broccoli.  After that, I will pour scrambled fresh eggs into the mix, in the same pan, and scramble that all together.

As a side, I am frying up organic bacon we bought on our organic farm tour, and making braised cucumbers with some of the ones I picked today.  I know braised cucumbers would be a better side with fish or other meat, but we are having it anyway.   Yum!
This will be our first organic bacon.  Our plan is to continue buying organic, and avoid chemicals, food contaminations, and offer our bodies the correct fats that we need.  Bacon is a treat for us.

Maybe later this week or next week, I can make an angel food cake and homemade noodles.  I have another dentist (cleaning) appointment on Friday, so I never know what I will have time for.


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Candy C. said...

Braised cucumbers? Please share! :)