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Monday, June 13, 2011

Heritage Days ~ Spontaneous Sundays

My kids were chuckling early Sunday Morning.  It's not often they find their mother at the computer watching YouTube.  However, I was.  

After throwing my "How to Knit" kit in the "get rid of" box, I made one more effort to teach myself to knit.  I found a series of "how to's" that were slow enough for me to catch on.   Here is the first one, for anyone wanting to learn to knit.  I am now teaching one of the willing, daughters to knit.

How to Knit Your First Scarf Part 1

Our Sunday was fun and spontaneous.  The kids reminded me that it was Heritage Days again.  We loaded up and went.

One of favorite summer time activities, is to visit Heritage Days at the local Historical Society. 

We did have a lot of fun.  Each year it seems to change, but they always have a large quantity of various farm machinery, many demonstrators, good food, and fun.

I had to churn the butter, because we plan to buy a churn and make it ourselves some day.  As a child, we had a hand crank ice cream machine, and the kids were able to try it.  I hope to add one to our homestead this year.  I'm looking forward to real ice cream, and not some genetically modified ingredients in it.

They even had a demonstrator who helped kids make ropes, one washing clothes by hand, and corn milling.

Butter Churning
Candle Dipping

Me Dipping a Candle

 Herb Garden

 A Real Log Cabin 

When a house was being torn down, someone put in a good word to look for a log cabin inside it.  Sure enough there was, and they moved it from a nearby county to the Historical Society.

 Corn Milling

Clothes Washing

They also sell the best tasting kettle corn around. I've had kettle corn made straight from a kettle, but this kettle corn is the best we've tasted.  It's a once a year treat.

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Candy C. said...

Looks like a fun day!