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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, January 24, 2011

Relationships with your kids

I have a child home sick today.  Although I know I need to wash laundry, hang it outside, vacuum, sweep the kitchen, wash leftover dishes, feed animals, and start mass cleaning on my bedroom, I know I need to tend to my child.  Did I mention my writing time also?

I think the hardest part women at home have, is putting everything aside and putting full, and complete attention, to a child.  When they are sick, it's easier, because our instincts are to care for our children, but what about other days?

Creating better relationships with our children is so important, especially now that the media provides easy access to areas on the Internet, television, and cell phones that kids should not be exposed to.   Even being in school can be a place where a child learns or sees things they should be prepared to say "no" to.

Kids often reflect on their parents behavior as well.   I realized that when my 9 year-old came home from school one day.  She said the teacher asked a question in regards to a book they were reading.  The boy, a character in the book, was hurt messing around when he should have been working.  My daughter's response to the teacher's questions, were "My Mom says work before play."  Even when we think they aren't watching or listening to us, they are.

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