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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, January 31, 2011

House full of sick people ~ Storm on the way

We have all been sick these last few days.  We have been soothing sore throats with hot teas.

Before I became worse, or had a house full of sick ones, I was able to crochet a new dishcloth pattern.  I used scrap Christmas colors for next Christmas.

And, crocheted a simple (sc, ch1, sk 1 st, sc) scarf for one of the kids, with yarn I had on hand.  I also cranked out a rough draft article.

My husband, even though it was not in the spending budget, allowed my 11 year-old to pick out yarn for her crocheted, hope chest blanket.  

What is so amazing, is that she picked 2 yarn colors I have leftover from another blanket (she had no idea), and only one additional color to buy.  I decided, since I am not feeling so good, to use the same pattern as the scraf, and I created this rotation of colors on my own.  I will edge it in orchid when it is completed.

Thankfully, my son ran errands, and is helping around the house, because I am still sick.  Two more kids are home, and a storm is on the way.  He's been very helpful in stocking up water (freezing pipes), supplies for sickness and more.  He's even hanging the sheets out on the line.  The wind is strong, and I felt our sheets, which carry germs, needed to be washed.  

 (19°F / Feels like 4°F)
I'm getting yelled at to get my "germs" off the computer now....they are predicting 12-15 inches of snow.  Who knows how much we will actually get.

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Miss Val's Creations said...

What a great son you have!!! We are supposed to get another 20" of the white stuff this week! We've run out of places to put the snow!!!! What a winter! ~Val