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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Canning Apple Pie Filling

I am starting with a 1/2 bushel Fuji apples.  My wonderful mother brought me these from the orchard.  I have never canned apple pie filling, so I hope the lady at the orchard picked out a nice apple for canning (as she said they would be).

We peeled and sliced and filled the 7 quart canning jars.  My 18 year old son, who was home, and didn't have to leave for work real soon, helped me.

I took the extra sliced apples, and leftover syrup, and made 2 pies for dinner.  Yes, those are frozen pie crusts.  You caught me. I have cheated a bit today.  They were in the freezer, and the needed to be baked anyway.  I added a crumb topping with flour, brown sugar, butter, and oats.  They are still baking.

And I have these many apples left.  I may can 7 more quarts if I have enough jars.  Probably tomorrow, not today.

Here the the jars after the boiling bath.

And the final jars cooling!  Phew!  I did it!  Now we just have to make some more pies and give this recipe a taste.  Of course, the two baking, have the same syrup too.

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merryone said...

I've canned my own filling and what a convenience and timesaver it turned out to be! Whenever I needed a pie or husband wanted one, there it is! Also was a wonderful thing last winter when we were snowed in, we treated ourselves to pie! I hope it is all you want it to be! Hugs, Merry