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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Homemade Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas ~ Giving Homemade This Year

10 Ideas for Crocheted Christmas Gifts

This is a list compiled from 
the Internet.  Check
Your Local Library for Books and Magazines for
More Patterns and Ideas

1. Crochet Gift Bags

2. Eye Sleep Mask
(You could use any color of yarn)

3. Touchdown Football Beer Cozy (for Men)

4.Crocheted Socks for Men

5.Bear Pair Teddy Bears (Kids)

6.Small Crochet Doll for Charity

7. Hacky Sack or Stress Ball

8.Cool Chicken

9.Emily's Snowflake

10.Christmas Hotpad

There are so many patterns out there for free, it's almost overwhelming to choose one.  This list should get you started on making your homemade gifts this year.  I'll update on the patterns I decide to use.  I just ordered several crochet magazines from our local library inter loan system.  Have fun searching!

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