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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Count Down Begins ~ Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

I signed up for National Novel Writing Month yesterday despite child kids.  Today is day one of novel writing in 30 days.  I have one child home sick, so this will be a challenge for me. She's been vomiting for 2 days and from what the school is telling me, "it's going around."

I did start the day early by washing the laundry and hanging it on the line before 8am, however I think I will need to get up earlier this month.  I did get the joy of watching the most beautiful sunrise while putting the clothes on the line.  The colors were bright pink and blue. It was a pleasant way to start the day.

Other obstacles I have this month, are dogs and cats and housework.  The housework I can delegate, and will, but the dogs are another thing.  Right now one is whining to go out, and he's already been out.  I am sure it will be interesting on how well I do write.

Meanwhile, my daughter who is not able to keep down liquids, is full of anxiety due to a school story she was to write last week.  It's been bothering her for days now.  So she is now propped on the bed, with a clipboard, pencil and paper.  I guess after explaining what I am writing, and how important it is to me, she decided to start creating a plot for her story.  To inspire her, I gave her an over-sized ring for muse.  I told her that bling on her fingers will help her get her story on paper.

She had squares drawn on her paper to section out her characters, plot, and setting.  She's trying a Popsicle right now, so I hope it stays down so she can start recovering.  Even though I have encouraged her to sleep a bit more,  she is holding tight to her pencil.

The weather is also an obstacle.  It may be too cold to write where my "writing area" is currently located.  We don't have the corn burner ready, so we may have to move to the living room, were I can put a fire in the wood stove.

Thank goodness the sun is shining.  It sure helps keep me motivated.  I will also need to get my daily exercise to stay healthy.  I'm not sure which one I will do today, but my options are the treadmill (needing a new motor), the heavy bag, speed bag, free weights, and stretches.  I may start with exercise to warm up these young bones.

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