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Adopted Motto

"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet "Molly" ~ Stray Dog

Meet the newest addition to the homestead.  So far, we have not received any phone calls for this stray dog my daughter found.  We've checked bulletin boards and so far no one is claiming her.  The kids have already taught her to sit and shake, and are in the process of house breaking her.  Luckily we had a dog crate from when the other dogs were puppies.  She is just a cutie and the family is getting attached to her.  She jumped out of a creek when my oldest daughter was out for a run early yesterday morning.

The kids have given her a name because we can't just say "come dog" etc.  When my daughter found her she was starving and dehydrated.  She will lay down beside the water bowl, place her paws (one on each side) around the bowl, and rest her chin on the opposite rim of the bowl and covering it.  Almost acting afraid that we'd take the water away, making us wonder what had happened to her previously.

Now that she knows we won't take her water or food away, she is content.  She will even go inside the crate to take a nap during the day.  She's free to go where ever she wants and is never taken outside without a leash.  Luckily, we still had some out grown collars, so one went on her.  We went out and bought her puppy food and a few toys.

If no one calls, she may very well be the newest, and permanent, member of our homestead.

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