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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Growing a garden really does save you money on groceries ~ A $.99 meal for a family of 8

I've had so many people as me "does it really save you money?" when they ask about my gardens.  Or "is it really worth the trouble?  Actually, it is a lot of work.  Take yesterday's dinner for example.  I pulled potatoes and picked green beans for the cheapest dinner I have made so far.  I scrubbed and diced and cleaned and boiled them together.  This does take more time but they are fresh and healthy, and I didn't have to buy them in the store this summer at all.  I bought one package of turkey bacon (that I bought ahead of time and was in my freezer).  I paid $.99 for it.  At times I buy up on items such as these when they are 10 for $10.00 sales.  Anyway, I picked enough potatoes and green beans for a meal for 8.  After the potatoes and beans were done cooking, I drained and tossed in crumbled, cooked, bacon.  Gave it a toss and watched everyone devour it.  Yes, growing a garden, not only saves a lot of money, but is so much healthier if you don't use chemicals on your garden.   Growing a garden is tedious, but the rewards are well worth it!
I even used zucchini to make these delicious loaves of homemade bread!  The family devoured that too!  I used applesauce instead of oil.  The plan for us is to grow apple trees and make our own applesauce.  I also used whole wheat flour from a working flour mill (preservative free).  

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