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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas Handmade 2009

The summer season is the perfect time to get handmade Christmas gifts made. Especially the smaller ones. It's too hot to crochet a large blanket when temperatures are in the 80's. Here is a photo of crocheted slippers the girls will get in their stockings. I do have to measure their feet for accuracy, and they know they are getting them, but they still have to wait for them. I found the pattern in a farm magazine from the tractor supply store. I happen to see the magazine when I bought the chickens a new feeder, and had no idea that crochet and knit patterns were in the magazine. I believe it was about Mary Jane's Farm magazine. If I locate the pattern on-line I will be sure to post the link. There was both crocheting and knitting patterns for this easy slipper.

I found the buttons at a craft store in clearance. Shop around and watch for great deals before buying to keep your costs low.


* Pattern #1
* Pattern #2
* Pattern #3

Update: I just made my first crocheted lip balm holder. They are so easy and cute to make. I'm using leftover slipper yarn and making a matching lip balm holder for each of the girls. I'll have to get really creative for homemade gifts for a 17 year old boy.

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Anonymous said...

Neat, now this is an excellent Christmas gift idea.