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Adopted Motto

"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The purple pill from h-e-double-hockey sticks

Four days of being sick, followed by 10 days of being in bed, one urgent care visit and a visit to the hospital ER, I am pushing myself upright today.

Long story short - low immune system allowed me to pick up walking pneumonia, doctor prescribed a pill that ended up killing all my good bacteria, hence the trip to the hospital.  I ended up more sick than I was in the being, more pain, and agonizing nausea (the just repeated a process that was painful and exhausting).  It felt like the antibiotic was trying to kill me.

I'm not even close to being back to normal.  The trip to recovery is very very slow. My energy level is the lowest of all lows.

While I was in one hospital getting treatment, and pumped with sodium and other things (my sodium was low from not being able to eat), our son was in another hospital getting tests for being sick.  He however, will involve a surgery.  Either last night or tonight he had/or will have surgery for appendicitis.  Hubby is going up there later.  Unfortunately, my health is on conducive to that much moving around yet.  As you can see, my brain is not functioning on even one cylinder yet.

Oh, to top that off, our 17 year-old called Hubby as we were returning from the hospital.  She was screaming she was bleeding all over the floor and had cut her foot.  He raced us home, only to find a few drops of blood on the floor.  Crisis averted.  She doesn't like the site of blood.

By evening, I asked my 17-year old to mix me up a special smoothie.  I needed food in me, and crackers and toast were not tasting good at all.  She brought me the best tasting smoothie, and probably my first meal in 2 weeks.  I ate it all.  With a spoon, to avoid gas.  She mixed organic non-gmo probiotic juice mix with organic yogurt, some banana, and lots of ice.  Oh my gosh it tasted so good.  I most likely will have one for breakfast, if my nausea med kicks in.  The are giving me stuff they give to cancer patients, the nausea is that bad.  This antibiotic really is/was the pill that tried to kill me.  

As for the doctors at the hospital, in the end they would not confirm nor deny that the antibiotic made me sick.  They did every test they could, including a CT scan, and came up with nothing that would cause it.  

I hope this doesn't take too much longer to recover from.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Not Expected

Well, I didn't feel well yesterday morning, and at 2am woke up to a fever of 102.3°F.  I had to wake Hubby up.  Today was pie baking day, along with two other dishes, which required a trip to town.  Yeah, I just wasn't expecting this.    I sipped herbal tea all day yesterday, so I hope it just sped up the burning out of the fever and sickness, but my stomach says no.

If two girls of mine want to bake, it'll happen.  Otherwise they'll go without it for the big meal.  I'm not sure I'll be eating anyway.

Why, oh why?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Prep ~ Keep on Truckin'

I'll be honest.  I am not feeling the "family" thing for this coming holiday.  It's been a long month for us, and the thought of spending the entire day baking has been taking a toll on me. 

Vet-tech Daughter said she'd cook everything, and just wanted a lot of food. My Oldest Army-college Daughter stopped in and asked for us to save "a lot of leftovers" for her as she has not had time to cook.  No pressure there.

I really didn't want to cook.  We only had one day to have the dinner.  Thanksgiving day.  Oh, and on top of that same day, Hubby's family is having their big meal.  So he wants to go there, and have the meal here too.  In one day.  No pressure there.  

Of course the one volunteering to cook, doesn't care what's in processed food, and said to buy it vs. make it.

Yeah.  That's not happening.

Monday, November 21, 2016

...from the handiwork journal

Now that it's cold out, handiwork needs to resume.  I made these crocheted hand towels back in March of 2015.  they are still looking good.  Other than a bit of faded color, they are holding together nicely and work very well for bathroom hand towels.

I have just a bit more of this yarn to make myself a few more, so that's now in a "to-go" project bag. Trust me, I have very, very little handiwork time right now, and when I do, I am too tired to do it, ha ha!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

First Snow ~ Winter Work

It's not hard to believe, in our state anyway, that were were out on the motorcycle on Friday, with a high of 73°F.  Saturday, we woke up to very cold temperatures and had flurries all day long.  I honestly thought we'd wake up to a good amount on the ground, but....

...this is what it amounted to this morning.  Sorry for the blurry photo.  It's cold out there and I snapped it pretty quickly.  

I almost didn't think I would get up to blog today either.  I fought a migraine all night long, and my lavender freezer pack was not re-freezing fast enough.  I am pretty sure I kept Hubby up all night fetching it, etc. and so here I am attempting to kill off the last of the migraine with caffeine. 

Hubby and I spent the morning cutting, and splitting wood.  We got a good amount done, but we'll need a few more good long days to get it re-stocked. We have not yet fired up the wood stove.

It's football season, so while Hubby watched his game, I cleared the front porch of furniture.  My college Vet-tech-in-training, had been on the computer doing homework all day.  She saw me outside, and offered to help.  There are just a few small items I need to clean up, but the big stuff is all back in storage.  Cushions are all inside awaiting a good day to wash and then dry outside.  I still have to cover the back porch furniture yet.  I need one more tarp.

It was finally time to set up a heat lamp in the coop.  I generally put two, but last year we used one and it worked fine. 

We still have lots and lots of things on the "big job" to-do list.  We have a kitchen floor joist that needs replaced.  That's next if we can manage it with weather.  Say a prayer we can get it done.  I actually saw Hubby staring at one of the trees we need to cut down too.  He's getting a plan, so I'm all for that.  It's been a long time coming. I caught him looking in the big barn too.  Another plan?  Perhaps.  We are considering pulling the entire barn down on a good day, and cutting up the hard wood for for the wood stove.  Thankfully, he has a few nephews that have helped tear a barn down over summer.  Time, the right help, and good weather.  That's what we need.  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Anise Seed Tea

Waking up on Friday, with my stomach churning, and in digestional-mahem, I was the "guinea pig" of trying the anise seed tea.  

Looking up the benefits and healing properties, it fit the bill.

It's not as strong as fennel, and not over-bearing in flavor.  I crushed a teaspoon, poured boiling water over, and infused.  I have a reusable tea infuser.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Mr. Fox is back ~ Tidbits

Homesteading comes with not-so-pleasant moments.  The fox is back.  Maybe he/she never left?  Our 17 year-old daughter took King out yesterday afternoon.  On a leash.

She rounded the big barn, and through it, she heard a noise and saw the fox on the other side.  King freaked out, pulled backwards, completely freeing himself from his collar.

The chase was on.  King barreled after the fox, as she watched the weeds sway.  She screamed and screamed, then sobbed horribly.

King ran straight into the woods.

After moments of shear panic she had lost her "baby" he ran back out of the woods to her.

We've now switched from collars and leashes, to harnesses and leashes.  The fox has to find a new home.

I'm hoping the chase has run the fox completely off this time, but he/she seems to come around when the chickens are out of their coop and in their run.   When they are inside there is no sign of Mr. fox.