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Adopted Motto

"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, February 16, 2019

I Do Not like Waiting.....

Whew!  Wedding is over.  Daughter's contest is over.  She had won first place to be sent to this competition to compete with many other schools, but did not place.  We are very proud of her to even get to the competition, but it was a long, long day.

We had to have her there by 8am, and it's a 35 minute drive.  Too far from home, we stayed in the area.  We first visited a local coffee chop.

Best Mocha ever.  Not too sweet and the sweets were freshly baked before 8am.  We will be back for sure.  They also make their own kombucha, which I plan to try next time.

Oh, we had lots of time to kill, so we did a lot of looking and shopping.  We also had $200 in gift cards for BassPro shop.  If you don't have that store, it's an outdoor supply type store - hunting, camping, fishing, boating, clothing, guns and ammo, food etc.  

It didn't take long to spend our $200.00.  Especially if you are buying ammo.  We were lucky to pick up a cast iron griddle for the camper.  The other side is flat.  I think to keep the underside from getting scorched from the campfire, we'll line it with foil to see if that works, but we are eager to use it now.  

We visited the Harley store and had a $20 credit, so Hubby let me get a top and new headband.  It was a fun day.  I even got some jeans on sale for $12 (normally $24) at another store.

The school kids were taken from the school to a large church, where the competitions were done.  We entered as soon as the doors opened for the awards ceremony, but we had to wait 45 minutes only for them to announce it'd be another 15 minutes, and then another.  I was so frustrated.  If she goes to this competition next year, I'll be sure to bring a crochet bag of projects.  It drove me nuts waiting there doing absolutely nothing.

After the ceremony we took Daughter to where ever she wanted to eat.  I ordered quickly as I had the dog at home to let out and was so worried about him.  Oh, at the restaurant we were so lucky (not) to get a new waitress.  Food took forever, adding to my worry about Jesse at home, and then she nearly dropped Daughter's grits into my lap.  I caught it before it landed.  Good save.  Oh what a long, long day.

Add to that, on the way home there was an accident, which backed up traffic for miles.  After a half an hour, I convinced Hubby to turn around and take another route.  Whew.  Home again, home again, and after taking care of all the animals, I was immediately in my PJ's.  

Then...yes there is more.  Oldest daughter dropped in to have us watch her dog for the night.  She had a good reason, so we have Mia for the day today.  

What's on our agenda today?  Maybe one errand and other than that we deserve a day of rest.  Our wood splitter was loaned out, so we can't split wood anyway.   My seeds are arriving, so I'm getting spring fever.

I have come to realize, I do not like waiting without anything to occupy myself.  I'm so used to crocheting or knitting, or even reading a book while waiting, I'll be sure to never leave the house empty handed again.

And to top off a long few days.....the rotating door may be rotating again.  Another daughter has asked to move back in.  We'll see what happens.  Until then, have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Busy Bee this Week

It's been a crazy week, and more to do yet.  Oye.  In the midst of it crazy weather.

I made sure there were no hanging icicles on the barn when I went out the other day.  I didn't want one falling on me, and it sounded like an avalanche with all the ice dropping to the ground.  There is flooding now everywhere and many people without power (we are talking thousands and it won't be on until Friday) due to downed lines.  Thankfully we were not one of them, although I was prepared for it.

We were bee-bopping around the kitchen getting breakfast, coffee started, animals tended, fire stoked, and Youngest went off to school.  Not long after that I got a message she was sick.  I got on the phone and finally found a daughter to pick her up for me.  I'm worried it's strep, and her speech contest is this week, so I wanted to get her checked out ASAP.  Right after I gave her tincture and teas of course.  I then wiped down the house with anti-ill oil.

I had to dig through my craft show stash, to get myself a scrubbie for the kitchen.  I do love these the best, but there is a request to make them thinner, so I'm on the hunt for a pattern.  If you know of one, I'd be delighted if you would share it or it's location.  These are super thick, but those with arthritic hands prefer a thinner one.  

I finally got contact with the business who wanted to sell my soap saver bags on consignment.  She asked for a smaller top on them, so I changed the pattern.

They now close up much tighter at the top.  I hope she likes them.  I have more to make before delivering them.

I had to laugh when our daughter was over for her birthday dinner.  She was doing college homework afterwards and it was a religion class.  She had to write a 2 page paper on meditation and her experience. 

I laughed because to earn points for our insurance program (pain in my rump), one way to earn them is to meditate 14 days of a 21 day program.  Yawn.

I literally, turn the ten minute session on, and do the dishes, ha ha!  Oh, and I helped daughter with her 2 page paper.

Union negotiations are over now, but the final draw is not clear.  The bonuses were taken away for the first time in 10 years.  Such a disappointment with this company.  However, they did vote out one thing - they wanted it mandatory for employees to come in on a call out.  Hubby is so stressed right now.

I can't wait for this busy week to be over.  I have so much to get done that I had on my to-do list, like make my lip balm, and can a few things.

I told Hubby that "Rooster's Crow Farm" is now rooster-less.  We will be looking for anyone getting rid of them this spring.  We really don't want to add more hens, so buying straight run is not on the plan.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bad Weather ~ Baby Bootie Story

On Tuesday, the weather was horrible.  Woke up to freezing rain pouring down on layers of ice.  The temps warmed up later by noon, but then snow moved in.  What a stinking mess and I was so worried about Hubby getting to work (has a 1 hour drive that goes north of us and into worse weather areas). 

There was so much heavy ice, the tree branches were touching the ground.  Cell service went in and out as well.  Hubby made it to work safely, but gosh it was bad.  The trash pick up was behind due to road conditions and arrived an hour later than normal.

I popped open a jar of pumpkin butter for toast and rolls.  Mmm.  Cannot wait for this garden season.

Our daughter made it out for her birthday dinner, but wind picked up late last night.  It's still windy with a windchill of 8°.

Thank you all for the kind comments regarding the baby booties.  There is a story behind them.  A very short story.

I was working full-time during the first three kids births.  My Mom was working at a near by bank, and a lovely co-worker made a pair for one of my kids.  I loved them and had them on all the time when I could.

One day I went to get baby photos done, and upon leaving the store, I had lost a bootie.  I was devastated, but this lovely woman made me another one.

I got to thinking the other day, and emailed Mom to see if she was in contact with this past co-worker.  Boom!  She was.  I asked for the pattern, and at first she couldn't find it, but alas she did.  I don't have the info on the hook size, but the turned out nice and I sent her a thank you and photo of the finished booties.  I still have the ones this lady made too.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday Tidbits

Rest in peace Sparta.  You will forever be missed.  Sad day on the homestead. He broke a leg years ago, and last summer had trouble getting up and down the ramp, so we even had plans to build a longer one with more ease for him.  I also found him cuddled up under the heat lamp (which is over the water), and often found him there during cold, cold days.  I'm sure gonna miss him.

School ended up closing yesterday.  Roads were pretty slick.  Today they are delayed, but may cancel again.  We have freezing rain (again).

I spent most of the day in the kitchen.  I decided on a ham/swiss chard egg scramble for the next few days.  That left me with two eggs to spare.  I also baked the birthday cake, and cooked millet for another recipe.  Then dinner prep started.  I was tired by 1pm, after being up at 4:30am.

I taught Youngest Daughter how to decorate a cake, and she looked like she really enjoyed it.  She did her own design too.

We may be starting the garage clean up a bit early.  All vehicles now need repairs and we'll need the garage to do it.  Lovely.

Hubby's workplace promised bonuses this spring, but last week reneged on the promise.  Hubby is pretty upset, as we had plans to put it to use.  Pretty low of them to do this, considering he was out fixing things at -40 some degrees a week ago.

Next time I cook meatballs for dinner, we are going to try topping them with homemade condensed mushroom soup.  I was out of it yesterday, so it's on the to-do list now.

Shipping prices have gone up.  My cost to shift crafted items will also go up a bit.  Just FYI.

Tip:  I purchased these plastic shallow baskets 2 for $1.00.  I put them under the sinks to hold items, so next time I clean, it will be much easier taking it out and putting it back.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  This photo is not from today, but if the weather is good, I'll be using my clothesline next week.

On the breakfast plate. . .
Farm fresh eggs, toast and coffee

The weather outside is . . .
Snow.  Enough to delay school today.  More like slush out there, but enough to make roads slippery.

Right now I am . . .
. . . thankful.  Thankful we found a truck load of split wood for only $60.  Snow moved in too quickly for us to cut our own.  I'm also secretly hoping school is closed.  I could use an extra hand at decorating the cake today.

Thinking . . .
It's gonna be a busy week.  We have a birthday dinner to have, and a wedding in the family.  Oh, and Daughter's Cosmetology speech contest is this week too.  Also, I'm "wait-listed" for a March craft show.  By the time I found out about it, it was already booked full.  Our Army daughter's Co. was deployed, but she didn't have to go.  There were too many with her job apparently.

On the reading pile . . .
Library crafting books (lots of them, ha ha!)

On the TV . . .
Whatever looks good on netflix

On the to-do list . . .
-bake a birthday cake
-canning, but it may get pushed into next week
-Work out
-fold dried laundry that's been on the drying racks
-clean down cobwebs, and dust
-sweep and mop the kitchen
-sanitize kitchen counters etc.
-take trash out
-make a breakfast scramble or frittata
-make homemade dog food
-vacuum carpets

On the menu . . .
Monday:  Meatballs/BBQ sauce, wild rice, brussel sprouts
Tues:  Chicken spaghetti, corn, beets, birthday cake and ice cream
Wed: Chili, cornbread
Thurs:  leftovers
Fri:  Baked chimichangas and steamed broccoli
Sat:  leftovers
Sun:  have no idea yet, depends on leftover status

What I am creating . . .

Booties, knitted dishcloth, more pot holders.  Trying to think of something new as well, as spring craft shows are booking now.

Looking around the house . . .
Just need to tidy up for a birthday dinner tomorrow.

On the camera. . .
We had a very short, but beautiful sunrise Sunday morning.

Praying for . . .

Us, the kids

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Trip to the Big City ~ More Booties

The weekend went pretty quickly, although we had to get out of the house, even with these ridiculous temps and wind lately.  

Daughter had Winter Homecoming Friday night, which if you have girls, you know you get the "I need it" list last minute.  We ran to one of the "Big Cities" in search for neon knee socks (it was a casual glow in the dark event), and I took that trip to an advantage and went to the craft store.

Saturday we had a lunch date with our 19 year-old and her boyfriend.  We have only met him once over the course of a year or more.  I can finally tell you the bad news about this daughter - she lost her job as manager of the movie rental store.  They are officially closing.  The previous movie rental store she used to work at cut their hours, and I'm sure will close as well.  Luckily, she was re-hired at her other previous job and is applying elsewhere as well.

We ran errands and forgot to pick up chicken feed.  We were so tired when we arrived back home, we literally got into PJ's and collapsed in front of the TV.

Even with the busy weekend, I got more crocheted items done, although I should be working on pot holder sets right now. I'm just working on my PHD (Projects Half Done), ha ha!

I got these cuties all stitched up, and am searching for a bonnet pattern for boys and girls now.  What got me on crocheting the first pair was the fact my step-daughter is pregnant with her 3rd child.  

Not sure what's on the agenda for today, although we will either be cutting wood in this frigid weather or hunting down someone that already has split wood. 

I'll also be ordering seeds I forgot to order.  I might as well pick something new to grow this summer too.

I was gifted these spice jars from our 19 year-old daughter.  They are two different sizes, and I am excited for this year's garden(s).

Friday, February 8, 2019

Tea bag Tidbits

In lieu of watching the mail lady (to avoid someone possibly stealing it), I decided to plant myself in an area I can see better, and get some insurance points out of the way (at the same time) before garden season.  These videos we have to watch are sooooo boring.  Financial ones are superdity duperity boring.

I earned this sign on the porch for a reason, ha ha!  There has been some questionable activity, but nothing to do anything about.  Maybe they have noticed I'm watching them now?

I'm glad I am remembering to get these points out of the way.  I'm always in a rush come fall to get them in before the end of the year.  I'm cheering Hubby on too.  Pre-planning has worked out great.  Plus, it's a perfect way to sit and watch for the mail (and possible activity).

I made these yesterday.  They'll be gifted to my step-daughter, who is expecting a boy in late April.  Yep, we'll be grandparents again for a 3rd time.

We've been getting an onslaught of rain, fog and now dipping in temperature.  I told Hubby I'm so glad we are including probiotic foods in the menu, but now they want pancakes and sausage for dinner.  I wanted fish.  Hmpf.  I guess fish will wait another day.  By the way we hit an all time record of 60° yesterday, and we are back to 22°F at 6am.  Yeah, just making sure those probiotics and physical activity are getting in my day.  The treadmill has been great to have this winter.

The windchill is 4°F this morning, and the weather is crazy.  Yesterday I noticed my daffodils coming up.

I had to laugh the other day when Daughter came home from school.  She was giving us a speech on misconceptions regarding hair and hair growth, and nail growth.  Yes, I already knew prenatal vitamins do not do that job, but it was interesting to her what they are learning, but do not know about natural remedies.  

Maybe I can teach her a thing or two?  She also pulled out one of my hairs on my head (ouch) and examined it for elasticity and health.  Glad to be a "guinea pig" for her, but I am already working on mine being back to normal.  I'm still drinking my tea, eating the right foods, using my hair oil and hair tonic etc.